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How Our BUYER Service Works

MergeTalks will find you firms with an interest of being acquired, all while keeping you anonymous.


Tell us what you are looking for

You tell us the types of firms you are looking to acquire by submitting a search request on our website or scheduling a demo


We prepare a quote and scope to achieve your goals

One of our principals will review your target criteria, prepare a plan, and we will agree to the objectives of the search.


We build a collection of firms that meet your criteria

After you agree to the quote and scope, we go to work and build a list of firm profiles that match your criteria. We then deliver the collection of firms for your review.


We reach out to gauge interest

We utilize our platform and proprietary networks to reach out directly to the decision makers at the firms you are interested in and gauge their interest in being acquired. We do this without exposing any information about who you are.


We connect you

If a firm is interested in having a discussion about being acquired, we will connect you with them. From here, you get to own the relationship and anything that comes of it. 

Construction Workers Silhouette

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and find companies


Your firm will be included as a buyer of interest in future searches.

Not sure where to start?

Why Choose



We are able to quickly assess viable acquisitions targets on your behalf  at a fraction of the cost of traditional M&A firms.


We ensure that you are only going to get targets that are in line with your acquisition objectives. In addition, our networks enable us to identify companies who may not be actively pursuing m&a - giving you exclusive access that helps create unique opportunities in your growth strategy.



Having MergeTalks as intermediary eliminates the risk of exposing your strategic objectives to your competitors.

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