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flat-rate, passive targets, fully-confidential research

Any successful M&A initiative begins with sound research and development.

MergeTalks is dedicated to helping architecture, engineering, and construction companies expedite their growth strategies through mergers & acquisitions. 

“Some of the best opportunities come from companies who do not even have M&A on their radar.
When approached strategically, these companies realize the value M&A can create for their firm's future. On the other hand, for firms who are actively seeking M&A, a quiet and confidential approach is of the utmost importance.
MergeTalks delivers on both of these fronts to provide you with the most impactful M&A opportunities."

What People Say

I find tremendous value in MergeTalks! For a fraction of the cost it would take to identify acquisition prospects through a traditional consultant, I quickly received a pipeline of companies who directly aligned with our acquisition criteria.

Sam , CA

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