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Technology Enabled M&A Platform 

Connecting passive buyers and sellers in the A/E/C industry

Most successful acquisition initiatives start with sound research and accessibility to viable prospects.

Merge Talks is where this gets accomplished. 

Our proprietary technology has automated the “prospecting-research-connection” process for M&A initiatives. This empowers CEOs, BODs and Executive Leadership with comprehensive 360-degree views of prospects based on numerous data sources and inferred properties.

In Negotiation
"I've been blown away with the process and success. I thought it would be solid - knowing the strength and experience of MergeTalks' Leadership Team - but it was well over what I expected. They really did an amazing job setting up some great, productive conversations with vetted target companies."

Chris Huckabee, CEO @ Huckabee

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AECIQ is a technology-enabled recruiting platform that accelerates passive candidate sourcing for Architecture, Engineering & Construction firms. Their proprietary “Internet of things” technology automates the sourcing and connecting process for company-wide talent acquisition — by leveraging many data sources and inferred properties to curate candidate pipelines for hiring teams. AECIQ provides an inclusive technology-driven experience to finding, prospecting and engaging passive candidates on a global scale.

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